Best cycling padded shorts for men & women

  • 3D padded: 3D soft padding fits closely to your hip, providing ultimate comfort and protection during long-distance cycling
  • 【3D padded】Made of High-density durable silicone and sponge materials are used. Compared with regular cycling pants, the specially thickened pads have better elasticity and shock absorption, which can really better protect your hips, sit bone and legs. To relieve the pain caused by long cycling.
  • 【Free Movement】The stretchy fabric makes the shorts fit your curve perfectly and provide excellent support for your hip and legs, allowing you to move as freely as you enjoy, great to wear under your baggies and trousers!
  • 【Breathable】The cycling shorts are lightweight, moisture-wicking and breathable, keeping you cool and dry
  • 【Comfortable elastic waistband】According to the ergonomically designed waist ratio, the elastic waistband is elastic and moderate. It will not bring you too much pressure and is more suitable for your long-term wear. At the same time, it doesn’t slacken too much and slip off during your ride.
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best cyclying padded shorts
Best cycling padded shorts for men & women